A process for the treatment and/ or removal from Condenser of contaminants from a Waste Water, Waste stream, industrial or municipal sludge, metals, oils, organics and other materials considered to be harmful to the environment are removed from the feed stock; in the case of non-metals, mineralized and in the case of metals, plated to the cathode. The Rubiit provides an apparatus and methods Which overcome typical problems associated with the treatment of Waste Water and sludge and offers a new, novel approach to the treatment of Waste, by employing the use of RUPP processing Which utilizes aspects of ultraviolet blue light, thermal energy, cavitation, flocculation, aeration, and Ultrasonic energy. The ability to control Flow rates, energy density, Cavitation density, aeration density and heat generation within the system offers a new level of control over different materials for treatment of Waste, contaminants or metals within the same process and apparatus.

Contaminated waste water represents a significant strain for the natural environment. Such waste water is produced in significant quantities by large numbers of industries, municipal landfill sites and dumps, and the public at large. To avoid releasing this water straight into the environment, complex and technical systems of water treatment have been developed. However, these processes themselves produce their own waste and use up significant amounts of energy. ‘Resonant Ultrasonic Plasma Processor (ultrasonic based oxidation) offers the possibility for dramatic efficiency gains in the process of treating waste water, reducing the energy needs of the process whilst simultaneously exceeding the performance of all traditional procedures.

Objectives of RUPP (Resonant Ultrasonic Plasma Processor)
. These are specifically designed for use in different waste water field of application. The technology is reliable and superior to the treatment technologies currently in use. These processes would significantly reduce the organic contaminant load of the waste water to the point where the water could be drained into a body of natural water without causing environmental damage or be used as process water. This would be achieved at reduced levels of energy consumption. The know-how generated should lead to the optimisation of the system and broad market entry in a variety of water treatment industries.

Applications of High Power Ultrasound in the Waste Water, Waste Sludge and Manure Effluent Industry
> Water treatment - Pathogen/Virus reduction - ultrasonic/ultra-violet technology
> Ultrasonic/biocide treatment of water
> RO Membrane cleaning
> De-scaling/Bio-film removal,Anti-fouling
> Equipment cleaning/sterilization
> De-foaming
> Enhanced anaerobic and aerobic treatment
> Enhanced bio-degradation
> Enhanced bio-gas (50% increase)
> Sludge reduction volume (30-40% reduction)
> Enhanced sedimentation/clarification
> Enhanced sludge de-water ability (5-7% solids increase)
> Enhanced flocculation (25% reduction in polymer chemicals)
> Reduction in BOD,COD and Phosphates cooling and drying of products at low temperature