Welcome to the world of Possibilities
Market Potential - 20 million Electric / Thermal power plants of 10 kwh capacity

RUBIITPOWER Invention includes Solid-State Matrix which comprises Metalo-ceramic material forming main body of Heating element that is porous to multi-element Titanium micro particles fuel that can be ionized / polarized with electrical electro-magnetic field and helps keep fuel in continuous motion with Gas in sono-plasma. The multi-element Titanium Fuel is processed earlier by using Rubiit Ultrasonic technology to achieve the designed characteristics. Interaction between fuel and gas at designed temperature and pressure releases excess thermal energy that is used to produce steam. Steam can be converted to electrical energy or can be used for heating/coating purpose in industries directly. Optimization of materials and material morphology is key to quality and efficiency of heat release by Rubiit Technology.

Theory - The invention is governed by the combined three part (Cavity, Tunneling, Spring) Rubiit Cavity Spring theory. Fifty grams of the Titanium multi-element fuel is capable of producing 100000 kwH of energy produced @ of 40 paise per kwH with approx. Investment of Rs.6 crore per Megawatthour Eqpt which is much cheaper than Nuclear, Solar, Thermal & oil/gas based power generation.

Lokamanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak announced PAISA FUND
Said give me one Paisa, I will give you Industrial Freedom

RUBIIT announces to India The Electric Power Freedom

  • Unlimited Power at ur door step
  • Produced @20 paise per unit (KWH) production Cost
  • Even if u are at distant village without Grid
  • Without Air-pollution of Thermal power station
  • Without Fear of Radio-active Leak /Contamination of Nuclear power Station,
  • Without fear from vagaries of Rain 0f Hydel power station
  • Without High fixed or Variable cost of Gas /Oil/Solar Power station
  • Cheap Energy Will Prevent

  • Thousands of deaths /year from malnutrition due to crop failure due to lack of irrigation / water
  • Thousands of deaths per year from water borne disease due to lack of energy to boil water
  • Millions of children losing education per year because of no night lighting at home
  • Hundred Future impacts due to military budgets focused on defending Offshore/Onshore oil
  • Cheap energy by RUBIIT will produce Power @20 paisa per unit (KWH) max.


    RUBIIT - Resonant Ultrasonic Bubble Implosion Implantation Transmutation - Technology,


  • Will Reduce Dependence on Hydrocarbons and Soaring Import costs
  • Will Offer Economic and Political Independence
  • Will fulfill The Dream of Lokamanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak
  • Will Reverse Migration of People back to Villages due to Opportunities

  • Fulfilling The Dream of Mahatma Gandhi

    The RUBIIT process that creates a micro /nano engineered surface Engineering modification has been verified by Country’s Largest Steel maker for their requirement in Steel Industry The Extended RUBIIT Process is for Cheap power generation Innovation

    RUBIIT Electrical/Steam energy is for DEG (Distributed Energy Generation). There is bright scope of establishing 20 million thermal power plants up to 10 kwh capacity in India. 

    Liberalization of power generation has opened vast oportunities for small generation capacities in villages.

    So India is poised for unprecedented huge energy revolution

    From To
    Centralized giant power plants Multiple small RUBIIT power plants
    Polluting Enviornment friendly
    Miseries Happiness
    Poverty Prosperity
    Multinational Manufacturing Industries Home based industries
    Cities and Slums Prosperous villages
    Centralized power structure in a few hands Autonomous village republics

    Then there will be equitable society free from exploitation, free from poverty, unemployment, disparity, polution, war and other evils. Then true democracy will emerge and real global society will come in to existence leading to prosperity of all with local production and local consumption, Then everybody will enjoy peaceful life without tension.Thus we can bring real revolution in rural India and create Happy India, Prosperous India and Homogenous India Free from poverty, hunger and disparity

    Rubiitpower - The Positive Promise of electrical Power within 2/3 years at near zero cost @40 paise per unit(kwh)to every house and small industry in villages by 2017