RUBIITPOWER Invention Includes Solid - state Matrix which comprises ceramic material forming main body of Heating element that is porous to multi-element Titanium micron particles fuel which can be ionized or polarized with electro-magnetic field This helps to keep fuel in continuous motion reference to Dopant Gas atoms. The multi-element Titanium Fuel is processed earlier by using Rubiit Ultrasonic technology to achieve the designed characterstics. Interaction between fuel and Dopant gas at designed temperature and pressure releases Heat energy for producing steam that can be converted to electrical energy or can be used for heating purpose in Industries.Optmisation of materials and material morphology is for quality and efficiency of heat release.

Theory-The Invention follows the three part (Cavity, Tunneling, Spring) combined Rubiit Cavity Spring theory that explains and confirms the practicability of the Invention. Fifty grams of the Titanium multielement fuel is capable of producing 160000 kwH of energy producing @ of 20 paise per kwH with approx Investment of Rs 8crore per Megawatthour which is much cheaper than Nuclear, Solar, Thermal & oil/gas based power.

Future Plans for Rubiitpower
The concept prototype has been tested for stable 5kwh energy for over a month.Want to set production line in 2016 with the further refined Technology for 10kwh eqpt .

More about Inventor
Suhas Yashwant Ralkar
Age - 72 years
Mumbai India
Mobile - 9322 699 129
Education- Post-graduate Electronics

Experience abroad
Research for two years in Power Ultrasonics , for one year in development of First Multi-element transducers and Pulsars for Sonography eqpt Returned back ,. Developed India’s first Fetal Heart monitors and First Solid State Ultrasonic generator for Ultrasonic Cleaning Eqpt. Set up Ralsonics in 1973 Over the Last Forty Years Ralsonics has developed many technologies and Manufacturing Ultrasonic Eqpt for Various applications to Defence,Auto,NPCIL.NFC.BARC ,HAL and other Aerospace units & large Public and private sector units